A guide to the hottest vaping tech of 2017

Vaping has truly changed the cigarette/tobacco industry over the last several years. A pastime that was once void of any technological innovation is going through a momentous revolution, with pens today capable of delivering a vaping experience better than ever before. Cooler smoke, slicker designs and regulated airflow are just some of the major technological trends flooding the market right now. And with so much choice, it can be hard to know where to turn if you’re looking for your next vape pen.

With that in mind, here is some of the most exciting vaping tech available.

The eGo One Mini Starter Kit1-The eGo One Mini Starter Kit

The eGo One Mini Starter Kit is a beautifully sleek, elegant and effective vape pen. As one of the most highly rated vaping kits money can buy, it guarantees a discreet, constant and cool experience, coming fully equipped with one of the most impressive, temperature-controlled atomizers on the market. Moreover, being small but mighty – coming it at a compact 11cm in length – the eGo’s internal CLR atomizer is fully rebuildable and leaves you with ample options to customise your experience for vapers who know what they want.

This little guy also packs a mighty punch: Its fully integrated 850mAh battery guarantees lengthy vaping sessions without any need to recharge.

Price: £39

Eleaf iJust 2 Mini2-Eleaf iJust 2 Mini

The Eleaf is a wonderfully simple vape pen that’s the perfect starter kit for beginners. Small, discreet and packed full with tech, the iJust 2 Mini fits easily into your pocket, while the rechargeable internal power source means you can literally vape for days. The starter kit comes fully stocked with everything you need to start vaping, including a coil, a tank, a stainless steel drip tip and, of course, a superior rechargeable power source.

The real beauty, however, is the Eleaf’s size. Designed to be smaller than other similarly powerful vaporizers, the iJust 2 delivers intense flavours and a heavy vape – all from a casing that’s only around 10cm long.

Price: £35

Vaporfi Rebel 3

3-Vaporfi Rebel 3

The Rebel 3 is the more-advanced successor of the popular Rebel 2 model. This vape comes fully equipped with all of the necessities an e-smoker will have come to expect, whilst packing a ton of extra features into its stainless-steel shell.

Firstly, the Rebel 3 comes with an enlarged tank capable of holding up to 5.8ml of juice, while Its advanced internal battery allows for consistent vaping over several days without any need whatsoever to plug in the USB cable and recharge. This makes it the ideal choice for heavy vapers.

The Rebel 3 is known to weigh a fair amount, however, which is not surprising considering its shell is 100% stainless steel. With heavy weight come heavy vapes, though, and the Rebel 3 brings some serious clouds. The direct-to-lung delivery system provides a deep and rich flavour whenever you inhale. And as long as you prime the atomizer before using the Rebel 3 – as is normal with high end vape pens – you’ll never experience another burnt hit again.

Price: £39

The Apollo VTube Kit V5.04-The Apollo VTube Kit V5.0

The VTube Kit V5.0 is the latest pen from producer of premier vaping tech, Apollo. The brand has long been synonymous with quality, and this line is no different: The built-in temperature control ensures that your vape remains cool and smooth whenever you inhale, while the 18650 battery means you can keep vaping for hours before a recharge becomes necessary.

The pens themselves do carry a bit of weight, however. While this might be a negative for some, the stainless-steel casing, ultra-efficient atomizer, child security lock, variable wattage and spring-loaded pin mean that not a single gram has gone to waste. The result truly is a luxurious vaping experience: the flavours are as intense as possible and the vape is smoother than a fine scotch. And even though the Apollo VTube doesn’t come in cheap, if you vape a lot, it will immediately prove itself to be a worthy investment.

Price: £115.95

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