Mar 27, 2013– New York, USA  (Techreleased) – It’s hard to believe a year’s gone by since we showed you the stunning new Avalon right here in this room.  Launched in November, sales have been outstanding, with an increase of nearly 60% so far this year.  The Avalon Hybrid has offered the segment… for the first time… a comfortable, stylish premium sedan that “truly” gets 40-mpg, better than the vast majority of compacts and subcompacts on the road today.

2014 Toyota Highlander
2014 Toyota Highlander

On the heels of Avalon came the all-new RAV4, which has been in high demand at dealerships since it arrived in January.  It is now the quickest selling vehicle in the Toyota line up.

Sales of the new Avalon and RAV4, along with Camry’s continued position as America’s top-selling passenger car, have led the way to a great sales year so far.  Toyota Division sales are up 13.9 percent, outpacing the industry by 40 percent.

In addition to strong sales, last week we hosted Fin O’Neill of J.D. Power at our California headquarters, where he presented our associates seven Vehicle Dependability Study awards… more than any other automaker.   Lexus was again number one in the industry, and Toyota was the number one full-line brand, finishing fourth overall behind three luxury makes.

We’ve recently launched new models in a number of segments, including the Avalon and RAV4, and now… were looking forward to an all-new mid-size SUV.  This is one of the largest segments in the industry, and it also has a diverse group of buyers, with a wide range of ages and life stages.

We’re the only manufacturer to offer four different Mid-size SUVs to meet all their needs…

  • 4Runner appeals to an active buyer who is young or younger in spirit, and it’s one of only two body-on-frame models left in the segment …
  • And the other is the FJ Cruiser, made for off-road enthusiasts who take on the toughest terrain they can find…
  • Venza has a great mix of comfort and convenience for Baby Boomers who have a very active life…
  • And the Highlander is loved by families who lead an active lifestyle… offering a combination of capability, comfort, performance, and fuel efficiency, not found in any other segment.

As we planned for the 3rd-generation Highlander, we spoke to mid-size SUV owners, who mentioned a few key areas that were most important to them.

We listened and made improvements where it counts for consumers.  Our goal was to create a mid-size SUV with “No Sacrifice…”

Current owners told us that Highlander is “just the right size” for maneuverability, but that it could use some extra space.  So, we increased passenger seating capacity AND cargo capacity through structural changes and a close attention to interior packaging.  We were able to achieve this without greatly expanding the external size of the vehicle.

They also told us they wanted dynamic styling, a premium interior, and a great balance of comfort and utility… and they wanted an SUV that is “fun to drive.”

Owners also appreciate the peace of mind Highlander gives them, with Toyota’s DNA of Quality, Durability and Reliability.  It is Consumer Reports’ highest-rated mid-size SUV, and it recently received U.S. News & World Report’s 2013 “Best Cars for Families” award.  So we took great care to ensure the new Highlander would inspire the same confidence in owners.

Since Highlander is part of the family, and we wanted to make the all-new model the ultimate mid-size crossover SUV, helping people go places and make memories… together.

Ladies and gentlemen, the all-new 2014 Highlander…